Yelvertoft Primary School

Welcome back to the Spring term - don't forget to join us at our Paddington Tea's Thursday at 2.30pm

Mission Statement

Yelvertoft Primary School

Our vision is to develop children who are equipped with the skills they need to develop a love of learning and enable them to make a positive contribution to the world in which they live.


School Aims:

We aim to ensure our pupils and staff will

  • Feel and be safe, secure and valued
  • Be healthy and happy
  • Work hard
  • Enjoy learning and be encouraged to reach their full potential within a stimulating environment
  • Achieve success
  • Value and contribute to their school and wider community
  • Understand and respect the beliefs and cultures of others and the environment

“We are all committed to ongoing development, striving for excellence by delivering the highest quality education within a caring village school”


Headteacher: Mrs Melanie Servent

Chair of Governors: Mr Paul Starkey