Yelvertoft Primary School

Welcome to Class 3. We are Years 3 and 4 (and we're STILL the best Class in the school!!!)

Welcome back to another exciting term in Class 3. This term our topic is Past, Present and Future. So far, we have completed work on adding, subtracting and shape in Maths and we have written several class stories in English. We are about to learn about 'Cinquain' poems, so feel free to ask us about them (soon, anyway!!)

We will also be learning about the Romans, Claude Monet, how to play Hockey and Basketball and about the lifecycle of plants.

We will also be continuing to learn how to program and debug in ICT.  In order to do this, we are beginning to learn how to use 'Scratch'.


We made EDIBLE ROMAN ROADS!!! They were de-li-ci-ous! (Don't tell Mr Dow, we didn't want to share them with him!!)

We are also working really hard to improve our handwriting and in order to do that, we are having to undertake different exercises including THE PLANK!!! (Some of us are better at this than others!!)

Below you will find links to our newsletter and our medium term plans for this term.

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