Yelvertoft Primary School

We are now open to all pupils

School Council & School Leaders


Our new School Leaders have recently been elected by the school children. 


Our role as School Leaders is to try and make our school a happier place to learn in.  During the year, we will try to raise money to buy things the other children have said they would like us to buy for them.


We will let you know what we will be fundraising for and what events we will be organising as soon as we have decided.

Please check the website for more details about upcoming events.  We like to invite people from our local community so please email the school if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

Our School council is made up from two representatives from each class in the school.


We will be meeting regularly with Mr Dow to discuss how we can improve our school.  This will include looking at some policies with Mrs Servent.  We are currently thinking about how we can make our lunchtimes even better.


We will be adding termly updates to this page so please do keep checking it!