Yelvertoft Primary School



The PTA is The Parent Teacher Association ( we are also known as the Yelvertoft School Association) and we are a group of parents and staff who usually meet once a month to discuss and organise fun and exciting activities for the children and parents to enjoy at the school.  Every parent is more than welcome to become a member – the more the merrier!  Our main aim is of course, to raise funds to support our primary school and at the moment we are busy trying to raise money to buy more computer equipment for the classroom. Every year we arrange the numerous activities for the children to enjoy and occasional events for parents too.  Some of the events that we have done over the last year are:

  • School Halloween discos
  • Cinema Nights after school
  • A Christmas Fayre with Father Christmas as our special guest
  • Secret Present Room – allowing the children to buy their own present to give to a family member ( this is a non-profit making activity – money given goes directly to buying the presents )
  • Easter Bingo for the children
  • Sports Day BBQ & refreshments
  • Quiz & Curry Night for the grown up’s

We have been very successful with our fundraising over the past few years which has enabled us to purchase a load of cool stuff for the school. Some of these are:

  • 6 x ipads and covers for the school classrooms – Oct 2016
  • 3 new benches for the playground - April 2016
  • Educational play mats and games – May 2016
  • School Christmas decorations
  • Projector and screen for the Hall
  • Make-over of the library
  • Purchase of non-fiction books for the re-vamped library

If you would like to become involved with the PTA or volunteer your help at any of the events, please contact the school office, where your details will be passed to the Chair of our committee.

Our current committee is made up of :

Charlene Sarson – Chair

Caroline Page – Secretary

Jane Hetherington – Treasurer

Lucy Weeks – Member        Laura Faulkner – Member        Steph Tye – Member

Ice Fleming – Member         Sharon Ierna – Member           Claire Penna – Member

Sabrina Skews – Member