Yelvertoft Primary School

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Admissions and Attendance


Yelvertoft Primary  School follows the defined process that is set by the Northants Local Authority. The website link   here    will provide more detail, but below we outline the basic issues.

. Please note the following important points:

  • You must apply to the county council for your child's school place. 
  • Parents can now apply for a place at Yelvertoft Primary school for September 2023 online via NCC website. 
  • The school presently has an admission number of 20 pupils per year group.
  • We hope to offer a place to all families who choose Yelvertoft Primary School, however, parents should be aware that in the event of the school being oversubscribed, the places will be offered in accordance with the Local Authority's regulations. Please see our policy on the policy area of our website. Further information, including local authority contact details, are contained within our school prospectus.


Attendance at Yelvertoft School has usually been good.

We are aware that some children starting school in September are not Compulsory School Age until the following summer term.  We identify this when we monitor our attendance figures.

We monitor our attendance closely, this includes authorised and un-authorised absence.  We do not authorise any holidays in term time and we closely monitor pupils who fall below 95% attendance. We will then send letters home to parents if any pupils attendance drops below 90%.

We circulate guidance to parents annually to remind them of the importance of their child being in school every day that is possible. 

Every Lesson Counts

NCC Attendance Letter April 2016

Attendance Letter to Parents January 2017