Yelvertoft Primary School

   Welcome to the spring term in Class 4!   

   This term we are going where our wellies take India!! Keep checking our webpage to see what we have been up to!   

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English Medium Term

Maths Medium Term Plan

Wider Curriculum Medium Term Plan

Spring Newsletter


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Overview of KS2 objectives to be taught this year

Four year long term curriculum map

During the first two days of term, we engaged in a number of activities related to our topic, 'Where my Wellies take Me - Journey to India'. We went to the Pocket Park (in our wellies!) and learnt about life cycles; we produced art work based on Indian traditions and the architecture; we tasted some basic components of Indian cuisine (check out our faces!) and we learnt about the Geography of India and produced lots of work to decorate our class room!

Today we made curries! We made a chickpea and tomato curry and we have to say, it was pretty tasty and a lot of fun! You can find the recipe we used by following this link

This week we have been practising measuring perimeter. Here are some photos of our work in Maths (Mrs Bennett let us draw on the tables!)