Yelvertoft Primary School

Welcome to Class 1              We are Reception children              Look below at what we have been learning. 

The Summer Term is here and what a term it will be. The children will take part in our traditional May Day celebrations and Sports Day.  The theme for this term is a Shakespearean Summer and we will have lots of fun exploring this theme. Please see our Class Newsletter by clicking on the   link below. Check back in a few weeks to see what we have been learning and discovering.             

Spring Term we were learning about places that are Near and Far. We looked at different types of Transport.

We were very busy  this term. This is what we got up to:

  • Learning about Road Safety
  • Writing letters to Mr Gumpy about his adventures
  • Adding
  • Drawing using a computer program
  • Learning how to use programmable toys

We went to The Coventry Transport Museum to see how transport has changed over the years.

We took part in a workshop about the Boneshaker Bicycle, we heard the story about how the bicycle was brought to Britain from France and that the first bike was called a velocipede.

It's Christmas!!!!   Here are some photos of what Class 1 have been doing.

Autumn Term

We have been very busy this term learning about Burns, Battles and Bandages; look at what we have been doing.

We went to Rockingham Castle and spent a wonderful day looking around the castle and grounds. Our favourite parts were trying on helmets and having a picnic on the lawn.

Kinetic Letters - Letter Formation

The children follow the adventures of Bouncy the brave monkey and Skip the scared monkey. We will first learn different sitting, kneeling and lying positions that will help to strengthen our bodies ready for writing. the next step is to make sure that our hands are ready for controlling the pencil and holding the pencil with the pincer grip. we will also be learning the 6 moves or strokes that are essential for forming letters. when the children are introduced to a new letter family they will bring home a sheet showing how each letter in that family is formed. Please help them to practice this whenever they are engaged in writing at home.

Click here to read the Helping Your Child to Read and Write Booklet

Click here to read the Parents Guide to Phonics

Below are copies of our class newsletters. Please click on the link to find an overview of what we are learning each term.

Autumn Term 2017-18

Spring Term 2017-18

Summer Term 2017-18

We are currently following Cycle D

We are working towards the Early Learning goals. Click here to view them.

Important Information

  • Reading Books will be changed on a Friday, please read regularly with your child each week (see the link above for Helping your child to read booklet)
  • High Frequency Words - please help your child to read and write these words. As soon as they are able to read and write these independently we will move on to the next phase.
  • PE is on a Tuesday, please make sure that their kit is in school on these days
  • Library Books are changed on a Wednesday
  • Water Bottles - please make sure that your child has them in school, especially as the weather gets warmer.
  • Homework - This will be given at the beginning of each term and will last for the whole term.

Click here for more information on the Foundation Stage